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Web Hosting

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Butterfly Consulting offers a range of plans suitable to most small to medium businesses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

There are no setup fees and our Management Control Panel to allows you to :

  • view and manage email accounts and forwarding

  • monitor traffic to your site

  • monitor disk space

  • monitor transfers

  • setup databases

Support is available via voice and email during business hours Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm Arizona time, although your question may be answered sooner and constant monitoring of the servers assures that your site will be up for business 24/7.

Special!  Free Domain Name Registration AND
one month free hosting with one year of hosting paid in advance.

Plan Options






$15/mo (or $165/year) $20/mo  (or $220/year) $30/mo (or $330/year) $40/mo (or $440/year) $50/mo (or $550/year)
50 MB Disk Space 100 MB Disk Space 500 MB Disk Space 1000MB (1GB)
Disk Space
1500MB (1.5GB)
Disk Space
2GB Traffic 5GB Traffic 10GB Traffic 15GB Traffic 20GB Traffic
1 FTP account 2 FTP accounts 5 FTP Accounts 10 FTP Accounts  
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Database Support

Email included with each Plan.

To move your website to Butterfly Consulting:

Step 1 – Get the old website

Butterfly Consulting can pull your current website off the current host and probably got everything.  If you have PHP or ASP pages, you will need to get those coded pages a different way. Ask your current website host for the FTP username and password if you don’t already have it.

Step 2 – Upload old website to new location

Use the FTP username and password supplied by Butterfly Consulting or ask Butterfly Consulting to upload the files for you.

Step 3 – Add all domain names to the new host

Be sure to provide Butterfly Consulting with a full list of your domain names if you have more than one.

Step 4 - Set up all email names

Provide Butterfly Consulting a list of all users that need email and what you wish those email names and passwords to be.  You can also forward default names, like customerservice@yourdomain.com or support@yourdomain.com to the appropriate people.

Step 5 - Go to your domain registrar (such as Network Solutions or Go Daddy) and change your DNS to NS1.BUTTERFLYHOSTING.COM and NS2.BUTTERFLYHOSTING.COM

Step 6 – Wait 5 days for complete propagation (the internet to recognize and update the new host change) and then cancel old hosting.


Email Transfers

When you transfer your website, your email gets transferred too and may be split between both accounts temporarily. To ensure no missed email, set up a NEW email account as follows and leave both active for 5 days, then you can delete the OLD one as mail will no longer be going to that location.

To setup a new email account:

Step 1 - Open Outlook or Outlook Express.

Step 2 - Click Tools, Account (may also be Account Settings or other Account)

Step 3 - Click NEW email address

Step 4- Choose POP3 email type.

Step 5 - Enter your email address as username@yourdomain.com and enter your server as  You can also use mail.yourdomain.com and it will pick it up when it changes, but some mail may be delayed using this method.

Step 6 - To ensure not missing ANY email, change your old email address to the correct IP address - Butterfly Consulting can help you with this.

Note:  If you have trouble sending email, you may be blocked by your provider (such as Cox or Qwest) and need to use their SMTP servers. Another option is to change your SMTP Port to 366. 

Briefly, ports are like "channels" on a TV where each channel carries different "programming". Channel 25 (aka Port 25) is typically used to send e-mail traffic. Channel 110 (aka Port 110) is used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server using the POP3 protocol. Some larger ISP's (such as MSN, Earthlink, SBC and others) typically block Port 25 to help them fight spam, denial of service attacks, and hacker attacks.

If your ISP is blocking port 25, you can "change the channel" and use port 366 as an alternate. You can normally change the port used in your mail client mail account settings. Please refer to your e-mail software help files for specific instructions on how to change your SMTP port number.

Also remember to allow that port through your personal firewall, if you're using one. Keep in mind, too, that some ISP's may not allow you to send mail through ANY port unless you use THEIR SMTP servers to send mail. Therefore, you may not be able to use our mail server for outgoing mail at all. You will need to contact your ISP to find out what their policy is.


Go to mail.butterflyconsulting.com and enter in your username such as yourname@yourwebsite.com and then your password to be able to send and receive email from any internet connection.


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