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Butterfly Consulting specializes in customized Databases online and off, as well as integrating databases together.

Databases are organized collections of data that can be designed to suit your specific business needs, such as:

  • Lead Tracking - Manage your leads and track contact, feedback and sales opportunities.
  • Customer Details - Track contact data to keep current customers happy.  It's cheaper to keep your clients than to get new ones.  Summary reports help determine profiles of your most profitable clients.
  • Guest/Visitor Tracking - Hotels, motels, B&B's and any organization that books clients can manage their guest information more effectively - room availability, booking, etc.
  • Inventory - Track stock levels, vendor quality and availability.
  • Business Sales - Create complex formulas to automatically calculate repetitive calculations for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports.
  • Appointment Database - Track of all client appointments and their contact information
  • Vendor Information - Track suppliers / status of order / contact information
  • Employee Information - Track skills / qualifications / specialist knowledge
  • Marketing - Track products and demographics. 
  • Library - Track documents, especially those you create and store electronically for quick retrieval

Butterfly Consulting LLC is experienced in linking large databases such as MAS90, Reynolds and Reynolds and custom, online databases.  All databases can be searchable, confidential, have calculations and controls in place to relieve staff manual calculations.

The Database development process:

  • Comprehensive, detailed analysis of the business needs

  • Preparation of a design specifications

  • Initial design concept

  • Client Review and Adjustment

  • Database programming

  • Client site installation and Implementation

  • Database testing/validation

  • Documentation for User and Future Developers

  • Client Training and Support

  • Ongoing Database Developer & Client communication.


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